Is Chops available in my area?

To find out if Chops Canada is available in your area, just enter your postal code when you want to search for any item. If there are local stores available in your area based on the postal code that you entered, the stores within your postal code will appear. If no item in stores show in the search result, that means that the item you are searching for is not available in stores within your postal code. Chops has unfortunately not expanded to your area yet.

If you need anything else, simply click the 'Contact us' button on the side panel to send us an email.


Do I need to enter my Postal Code every time?

You only need to enter your postal code each time you search when you don’t have a registered account with ChopsCanada.com. When you create an account, by being a registered user, your postal code that you saved in your account automatically appears as the default postal code when you search, so you don’t have to enter your postal code every time you want to search.


Does Chops Canada offer delivery service?

ChopsCanada.com does not offer delivery service like other companies like Cornershop or Instacart because we believe that Canadian consumers are very savvy shoppers. Therefore, we focus on providing access for Canadian consumers to discover variety of items across their geographical locations. Chops Canada also offers Canadian shoppers to monitor the change in prices of items across their geographical area, and we offer Canadians the ability to price match every item.


What are the important features using Chops?

Available on ChopsCanada.com are more than a million items across stores in Ottawa (currently expanding to other cities near you).  When you add any item to your shopping list, every time the price of that item at that particular store goes up or comes down (increases in price or reduces in price), you receive an email letting you know that. You can price match every item across every store that each item is available in. You can also check in advance how high or low the prices of items are going to change in advance. This is to make sure that as a Canadian shopper, you're able to plan ahead and be prepared.


How do I search for any item?

It’s very simple. First, go to the home page, enter your postal code and search. Second, you can either search using the Categories option in drop down menu. Or you can simply type in the product name, product brand name, etc. in the text field and search.


How do I add an item to my shopping list?

It’s very simple. Click on any item, and it takes you into the item Details page. At the top right corner, there is a bookmark icon, click on it. When you click the icon, it confirms that the item has been added to your shopping list. You have to be signed in to use the shopping list.


What does the crossed out price mean? 

Below the image of every item, there are 2-prices, one in green colour which is the current item’s price. The other price in grey colour that’s crossed out, is the item’s old price or original price. In other words, when you see an item with two different prices, it means that the item is on sale. The sale price or reduced price will be in green colour while the crossed out price in grey colour is the item’s original price.


What does the Price Margin mean?

In every item details page, below the image of the item, the Price Margin indicates the difference between an item’s sale price or reduced price or increased price and the item’s original price. In other words, for example wen you see the price $3 in green colour, and $4 original price in grey colour crossed out. The Price Margin will be $1. The larger the price margin of any item, the better the sale of that item. The lower the price margin, the sale price of that item is poor. When you see any item with a higher Price Margin, that is an item with a good sale.


Does ChopsCanada.com store my location data?

No, we don’t store your location data. We are very watchful about geolocation data and that’s one of the reasons that we chose to go with the option to allow every user to enter their postal code, and based on that information, Chops Canada provides you with the right search results. We didn’t implement the automatic geolocation that most applications install. The only data that we store are those that you provide to us – every user has access to see the data that’s given to us. No hidden data. Your data is private to you.


Is it free to use Chops Canada?

Yes, it’s free to use Chops Canada. However, we’ve provided an option to donate a monthly $2 fee. You’re not obligated to do so, but we kindly request that you donate $2, which goes directly to paying for the servers that ensure that the site runs smoothly and provides you with accurate information 24/7. As a registered user, every 30-days, you’ll be prompted to donate $2. Thank you for always donating. 


Do I need to sign in before I can use Chops Canada?

No, you don’t need to sign in or register before you can use Chops Canada. However, you get the best experience when you are a registered user. You get access to the full features that enable you as a Canadian shopper to discover variety of items, to monitor the changes in price of items and price match each item. Without being a registered user, you’re still able to use the search feature.  


What stores are available on Chops Canada?

Currently, all Food Basic stores, FreshCo stores, Metro stores, Giant Tiger stores, No Frills stores, Loblaws stores, Independent stores, and Walmart stores across Ottawa GTA. We’re currently working on Canadian Tire, Sobey’s, Produce Depot and other stores.


Who owns Chops Canada?

TIME Corporate Groupe Inc., a registered Canadian corporation based in Ontario, Canada.